Blood Donor Program

Oklahoma Animal Blood BankJust like in human medicine, there are some cases where a blood transfusion can save a beloved pet's life. But... for us to offer the quality medicine you've come to expect from Neel Veterinary Hospital, we need your help.
In order to ensure that we always have blood products on hand, we need a team of canine and feline donors. A pet's donation every three to six months will enable us to offer life saving blood in emergency situations to animals that can't afford to wait. And by utilizing donations from your pets, donor animals can spend their lives in a good home rather than in the confines of a hospital.


There are several reasons an animal might need a blood transfusion. Whole blood is transfused to critical patients and is used in trauma cases such as animals hit by cars. It is also used for internal bleeding and in emergency surgery as well as to treat other metabolic problems such as kidney failure, clotting problems or tick borne diseases. Plasma is transfused in puppies with the Parvo virus to help aid them in recovery.


To insure that all of our blood products are of premium quality, we have developed specific criteria for evaluating the heath status of potential donors. Blood screenings are performed annually, including a complete blood count, chemistry panel and other disease testing. Donors must also meet several criteria to be considered for the program
Age: one to eight years
Weight 50 pounds or greater, lean weight
Current on all vaccinations
Females must be spayed
No history of transfusion therapy
Pleasant disposition

Age: one to eight years
Weight: 10 pounds or greater
Current on all vaccinations.
Females must be spayed/ never given birth
No history of transfusion therapy
Indoor cats only
Pleasant disposition

Oklahoma Veterinary Blood Bank


Animals can donate blood as often as once every three months. The process is usually very quick and has no lasting effects on your pet. Normally, your pet will donate on a prearranged day. There are also “perks” available for donors as a way to say “Thank you” for helping us save lives.
Annual Donor Benifits:
Complete Blood Count
Chemistry Panel
Heartworm Test
Other Disease Testing

Other Benefits:
Blood Typing
Choice of 20lb Veterinary Diet (each donation)

Additional Information

For questions about the Blood Donor Program, please call 405-947-8387 and ask for the Blood Donor Coordinator. If you would like us to consider your pet for this program, you may complete the application on this page.
Blood Donor Coordinator: Misty Fox
Blood Donor Specialist: Nadia Brown

Blood Donor Application

If you would like us to consider your pet for this program, please complete the following application.
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