Boarding Policies

Vaccination History

Vaccinations are necessary for the protection of your pet as well as other boarders. We require proof of current vaccinations prior to boarding. In the event vaccinations cannot be verified, your pet will be vaccinated under the supervision of a veterinarian and the appropriate charges will be added to the invoice. If your pet has been vaccinated by another veterinarian, please list the name and number where we can request a vaccination history.

Fleas & Ticks

Insect control is very important in reducing the spread of insects, disease and other health issues. We recommend that you consistently treat your pet for fleas and ticks. If fleas or ticks are found on your pet while boarding, we will initiate treatment.

Social Club & Play Times

Social Club is a great way to insure a fun and exciting stay for your pet. We make every effort to monitor and control animals during Social Club and play times so that your pet's stay is very safe. Any pets that show signs of being dog aggressive, human aggressive or any other dangerous behaviors will not be allowed to participate. All Social Club pets must be spayed or neutered.

Special Diets

We provide complimentary food for your pet during boarding. You may specify special dietary instructions during your pet's stay. Please complete the Special Instructions form detailing any required dietary needs. You are responsible for providing all special diets requested. If you do not provide the special diet at check-in, your pet will not be fed a special diet.


If your pet needs medications during its stay, we can administer appropriate medications as specified on the Special Instructions form. You are responsible for providing all medications. If you do not provide medications at check-in, your pet will not receive medication.

Veterinary Care

You may request examinations or treatments during your pet's stay. Please complete the Special Instructions form detailing any examination or treatment required. Any observed symptoms or conditions during boarding will be reported to our medical staff for review. If we determine that treatment is necessary and consider the condition to be life threatening, we will initiate treatment without notice. Please indicate how you would like us to handle any non-life threatening, but necessary treatments.

Personal Belongings

Neel Veterinary Hospital cannot be held liable for lost or damaged items (such as toys, blankets, etc.). We provide sufficient bedding and make every effort to monitor personal belongings, but use during your pet's stay may lead to loss or damage of personal belongings. Please leave any item you consider valuable at home.

Cage Specific Reservations

We cannot guarantee the reservation of specific runs or cages. During heavy boarding periods, pets from the same family may be temporarily housed in the same cage or run. It is the pet owner's responsibility to notify Neel Veterinary Hospital if this is not appropriate.