Boarding Reservations

You may electronically request a boarding reservation for up to 5 pets using the form on this page. This will allow you to select the appropriate level of care in the comfort of your own home and will facilitate the check-in process when you arrive at the hospital.

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Answer the following questions completely to ensure that we have the information necessary to provide excellent service to both you and your pet.
Your reservation is not valid until it has been confirmed by our staff.
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Please do not leave beds, blankets, toys or leashes with your pet. We will provide large, clean and comfortable fleece blankets during their stay. Additional blankets are available upon request.
Boarding Pets & Special Instructions:
Please answer the following questions regarding your first pet that will be boarding this visit. You may add additional pets by selecting the link "Add Another Boarding Pet" when finished with this pet.

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Social Club
$6.00 daily with Daycare
$12.75 daily with Boarding
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Individual Play Time
$8.75 per 15-minute Play Session
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Regular Bath
$21.75 Canine Only
Yes      No

Deluxe Bath
Nail Trim, Anal Glands, Ears
$32.75 Canine / $42.75 Feline
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Does this pet already have a grooming appointment?
Grooming appointments are reserved and billed separately by St. Bernard's.
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Are you bringing a special diet for your pet?
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Are you bringing medications for us to administer?
Diabetics Must Board
in ICU ($48.25 Daily)
All Others No charge
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Veterinary Services
Examination $54.75
Treatment costs vary
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By checking this box, you are consenting to the services indicated on this page and that you have read and agreed to the policies listed in our boarding contract and to the following: Additional fees for services, treatments, administration of diets and medications, PetCam Suites, Pampered Pet, playtimes and Social Club will apply. Charges for grooming will be billed separately by St. Bernard's Grooming. Baths will be given within one day of check-out unless otherwise specified. Pampered Pet services are available upon approval by management only. This is only a request and is not valid until confirmed by our staff. *

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