Over the years, our clients have grown to appreciate the honest and friendly care of Dr. Tina Neel. The popularity of our services and the 24 hour a day operations of NeelVet has created the need for additional doctors that can provide that same level of care to our best clients.
We currently have 19 veterinarians on staff to serve you. In order of tenure, they are:

Tina Neel, D.V.M.

Oklahoma City Animal Clinic
Dr. Tina Neel is married to Sam Neel, who is also her business partner. Together they raised their two grown sons, Scott and Hank Buchanan. Dr. Neel is also Keishia's grandmother, who is Scott and Pilar's daughter...
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Chris Logan, D.V.M.

Oklahoma City Animal Clinic
Dr. Chris Logan is affectionately referred to by many of our staff as "Dr. McDreamy". But make no mistake about it; he is quite the dedicated husband and father. Dr. Logan married Tonya, his high school sweetheart, in 1995 after a courtship of...
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Brett Boatsman, D.V.M.

Oklahoma City Animal Clinic
After Dr. Boatsman graduated, he practiced for seven years in Lawton, OK before joining the NeelVet team. He has been a client favorite ever since. His primary interests are orthopedics and general surgery...
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Jeff Hicks, D.V.M.

Oklahoma City Pet Clinic
Dr. Jeff Hicks is married to Sarah who is an Edmond school teacher. They have a daughter named Robyn and together they share an active family life with six cats, two dogs, and a chinchilla named Nicki. They are also members of the Britton Road Church of Christ...
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